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Kid’s bedroom interior design ideas

kids bedroom interior design ideas in collaboration with babios

We were delighted to collaborate with children’s furniture experts Babios for their fantastic feature on Kid’s bedroom interior design ideas: in the eyes of the experts.

Below is an excerpt from the full article featuring the children’s bedroom designs from our Broad Walk and Richmond residential design projects. To read the full article courtesy of Babios, click here.

Children’s Bedroom Ideas

With so many creative furniture pieces, storage solutions and decorating possibilities, you can have all sorts of fun designing or updating your child’s bedroom. The key is to create a space that encourages your child’s hobbies and interests, reflects their personality and remains a stimulating, adaptable and fun space for years to come.

Broad Walk luxurious new build boys bedroom by Roselind Wilson Design

For the design of the children’s bedrooms in our Broad Walk family home, we chatted to each of the boys at the beginning of the design process to find out their favourite colours and what excited them most about having their own creative space. Both boys loved the colour blue, which we highlighted in different shades in both bedrooms. We also injected pops of colour through décor and accessories in each room such as the table lamps and ottoman chairs. Patterned wallpaper always adds a bit of fun and individuality to an interior scheme and can be easily updated as the children get older. A crucial consideration in the design of each bedroom was plenty of storage space. The bespoke joinery in each room includes a desk area as well as storage for books, toys and gadgets. Geometric shelving is another fun component and is not only perfectly practical but adds a unique element to the room.

Broad Walk luxurious new build childrens bedroom by Roselind Wilson Design

We took a similar approach to the children’s bedrooms in our Richmond family home however we also carefully considered the distinctive architectural style of the beautiful 1920s mock-Tudor property with its dark oak panelling and exposed beams. The design for both bedrooms started with a large desk that extended across the full width of the room beneath the window to allow for good lighting, together with wardrobes and storage on either side of the desk.

Girl’s Room Ideas

For the girl’s bedroom, the joinery was sprayed in a soft lacquer with shaker style doors in a contrasting pastel teal and soft lavender. We designed a trundle bed, which is perfect for friends’ sleepovers and ideal for rooms that are tight on space. The sheer canopy draped from the ceiling and twisted around gentle tiebacks is an elegant feature in the room, while a striking geometric rug fills the floor to connect the desk area and bed. The palette of soft teal and lavender form a perfect backdrop for the textures and gentle floral fabrics making it a delightful room for a young girl to feel just like a princess.

girls pink bedroom with full-length desk and trundle bed

Boy’s Room Ideas

The boy’s bedroom features a palette of navy and grey hues. The room has a double aspect with one window forming a beautiful bay area. In this area we placed a single sofa bed in a navy check fabric for friends to lounge on or when playing computer games. The bespoke desk has also been placed under the window to take advantage of the natural light, with shelves and pigeon-hole storage fitted to the wall adjacent to the desk. The joinery has been finished in satin grey lacquer with dark yellow accents, while the walls in a soft, warm grey complement the timber exposed beams to provide a rustic take on the contemporary design.

boys grey bedroom with desk and built-in joinery and storage space

Click here for more creative and inspiring kid’s bedroom interior design ideas. Full article courtesy of Babios.

Photography by Richard Waite

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