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Livingetc, May 2019

Master the art of discretion with a sleek door that hides your home office when the working day is done. What’s more, the door won’t swing out into the room when open, which scores well in the space-saving stakes.

The hidden desk in the home office of our Richmond residential project was a specific requirement to allow the client the option to close off the workspace quickly if necessary. From an aesthetic point of view, the solid timber door provides a beautiful clean break in the space and sits perfectly alongside the extensive collection of books on display. The soft grey painted shelving with metal accents provides the perfect contrast to the timber door to create a stunning feature in this bright, open-plan space.

Home office work space that can be hidden from view by a timber sliding door that pockets to behind library shelving
Livingetc magazine May 2019 issue cover and home office feature including a desk that can be hidden from view by a timber sliding door

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