Top interior design trends for autumn/winter 2022

Top interior design trends for autumn/winter 2022

As we step into autumn and the desire to be cocooned within comforting, cosy spaces grows and naturally our attention turns to our home interiors and ways we can dial up the luxury and ambience before winter descends.

As a luxury interior design studio keeping an eye on the latest design influences and trends is vital. At Roselind Wilson Design, we look at trends with a long-term view, focusing on sustainable design that is able to stand the test of time.

To provide you with some fresh inspiration this autumn we have curated a list of the top interior design trends emerging this autumn and winter.

Trending colours for autumn and winter 2022

Grey has been the versatile neutral dominating interiors over the past decade, but it looks as though this is set to change. Over the last few months, we have seen a big increase in the popularity of warmer neutrals and earthier tones.

The pandemic and numerous lockdowns saw us all spending more time inside which increased our instinctive need to create opportunities to reconnect with nature and welcome outside influences into our homes. With this in mind, a move towards soulful, mood-boosting colour palettes inspired by the nature is understandably appealing.

Earthy browns and clay tones make for a relaxed aesthetic that feels sophisticated and inviting. The simple colour palette can be effortlessly layered with a variety of textures and patterns to create a luxurious ambience and interesting focal points around your home.

A focus on artisanal & sustainable décor

Now more than ever, homeowners and interior designers alike are turning their focus to sustainable home design. Not only are sustainable décor and furniture pieces better for the environment, but they also give an interior a unique and luxurious appearance.

Being sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean being limited to buying second-hand either, there are a number of sustainable purchasing habits you can adopt to help you get more eco-friendly. Choosing to shop from local businesses or buying reclaimed or recycled items is a fantastic way to find unique pieces whilst supporting your community and reducing your carbon footprint. If you need to purchase from a big business, do your research into their sustainability and recycling policy, opting for natural materials and finishes which are environmentally friendly and can be more easily recycled after use.

Instead of buying new furniture you could upcycle and repurpose what you already have to fit your new interior. At our Suffolk Hill residential project, we reupholstered a bespoke Japanese-style bench which became one of our favourite elements in the house. The bamboo style complimented the scheme perfectly, and the rattan gave a nod to opting for sustainable materials over mass-produced alternatives. Once paired with the antique Japanese silk footstools it created a perfect little pocket of space.

You don’t have to use the furniture for its intended purpose either, you can modify it to suit your needs or turn them into multipurpose pieces. We’ve seen plant stands become a huge trend over the last few years, but there’s no need to spend a lot for one. If you have an old wooden stool, you can very easily upcycle it by sanding it down and either staining or painting it to suit. Sit a trailing plant on top of the stool, allowing the vines to fall freely for a rustic and on-trend décor piece.

To find out more about how to use sustainable materials in your interior design project, read our recent blog.

Neotenic style

One of the most popular interior trends of the past year has been Neoteny. Recognisable by its juvenile, childlike style and soft bulbous forms it brings a minimalistic yet cute aesthetic which is a far cry from the structured linear appearance which has defined furniture design for decades. Neoteny is characterised by a soft roundness that offers both comfort and functionality. The puffy, whimsical characteristics are cheerful, super charming and certainly have the ability to draw both young and mature audiences.

We suggest using furniture and accessories in a Neotenic style to contrast and soften the hard edges and silhouettes found in modern architecture. The large rotund furniture helps fill open space without making it feel cluttered. Neoteny is a great style option for homeowners who want to achieve a contemporary minimalist aesthetic which remains warm and inviting and playful.

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