How to achieve the ultimate luxury look in your London home

Luxury, who doesn’t want a little more?

Although what defines true luxury may vary and be very individual, but its simplest, it describes things that make us feel good – bringing us a sense of comfort, sumptuousness and great ease along with feelings of pleasure and contentment.

In the context of our homes, ‘luxury’ traditionally speaks of high-quality materials, products, skilled craftsmanship and design all coming together to create comfortable and deeply desirable living spaces. And in essence, this hasn’t changed – but here at Roselind Wilson Design, we feel that in all the pandemonium of the recent Pandemic, the idea of luxury was tested and challenged. Overnight, the idea of what luxury meant to many of us expanded past tangible objects and sensory experiences to include our time, peace of mind and well-being.

We analysed more than ever our environments, focusing on how well they could serve our many needs and maximise the use of our time and energy. This period of self-reflection afforded us the ability to value more the time at our disposal, how well we are able to spend it and how much better we can feel when we spend it mindfully, doing the things that bring pleasure to both body and mind. All of this reflection landed us in a quandary – Are our homes up to the job?

In this blog, we will look at how luxury interior design can help us create homes that elevate our lifestyles and provide the luxury and comfort we desire, to enjoy with family and friends.

Planning for perfection 

Successful projects are often won or lost at the planning stages. Failing to make allowances at this initial stage can mean that game-changing design details are only considered as an afterthought and, as a result, cannot be implemented.

Conscious space planning coupled with clever storage solutions can really enhance your home living experience. Be forward-thinking and plan your dream living spaces with your ideal luxury lifestyle in mind. Whether you dream of the ultimate entertainment space with seamless indoor-outdoor flow, crave more natural light, a zen yoga den, a discreet workspace, or simply desire a sun-filled nook to retreat and recline in with your favourite book – let your imagination run wild and plan your dream luxury interior accordingly.

Important things to consider when planning your luxury interior:

  • Lighting – often overlooked, lighting is one of the most effective design elements to consider.
  • Movement and circulation – successful circulation ensures a natural flow of movement within a space and from room to room. Ensure adequate space between the permanent elements of the space, such as walls, stairs, doorways and furniture.
  • Storage – how much storage will you require? Consider untidy, awkward or bulky items which could be discreetly hidden away when not in use and plan accordingly.
  • Window treatments – if you opt for hidden or recessed curtain tracks, these must be factored in at the design stage.
  • Audio-visual – elevate your home audio-visual experience by embedding speakers and wires for a decreet and seamless experience.

Bespoke joinery and furniture 

Commissioning a custom-made piece of furniture opens you up to a world of possibilities. After all, when you go bespoke your choices are almost endless regarding style, colour, texture and dimensions. It’s the ultimate way to achieve a truly individual result.

Another benefit of choosing bespoke is the ability to make sure all materials and finishes are of the highest possible quality. The manufacturing process of tailor-made items is closely monitored from start to finish, ensuring the end result is expertly crafted and highly luxurious.

When storage works well, everything has its place which means that essential items can be located quickly and easily. But it’s not just about functionality. With the right design help, storage solutions such as bespoke cabinetry and elegant shelving can become a thing of beauty in your home and make a real aesthetic impact.


There’s no doubt lighting can make or break a luxury interior design scheme. If carefully planned, lighting not only provides functional illumination but also plays a vital role in setting the tone and mood of a space.

Here at Roselind Wilson Design, we always advise our clients to think about home lighting in terms of layers. We believe the right use of the three main types of lighting – ambient, task and accent – can turn a beautiful luxury interior scheme into an absolutely showstopping one!

What is the difference between ambient, task and accent lighting? 

Ambient lighting

Considering the amount of natural light available, it should provide a good distribution of light across a whole room. This can be achieved with pendant lights, chandeliers or downlights – any light fitting that can create good illumination without glare.

Task lighting

It has a practical focus, providing illumination for specific functions in a room or to brighten poorly-lit areas. Examples include under-cabinet lighting in a kitchen, wall lights and table lamps.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting draws attention to specific elements within a design scheme, such as a piece of art or a feature of interior architecture. This can be achieved via picture lights, LED strips or uplighters.

Bespoke detailing and specialist materials 

A big part of creating luxurious and memorable interiors is achieving a sense of uniqueness with personal touches. One of the most effective ways of creating a unique look for an interior is by incorporating bespoke furniture pieces. Commissioning an item of furniture made to a specific set of requirements regarding look, feel and finish is one of the secrets to high-end, luxury interior design.

Creating bespoke furniture items also allows you to fulfil functional requirements that an off-the-shelf piece might not always meet.

For the centrepiece of the cosy snug at our Richmond residential project, a practical but beautiful ottoman was on the agenda. The brief was to design an elegant bench which could act as a foot stool as well as provide storage space for books and magazines.

The soft faux leather upholstery in pale baby blue contrasts against the rich backdrop, bringing delicacy and meticulous attention to detail to this statement piece, while also providing comfort. In addition, it has the added benefit of being easy to wipe clean should the occasional glass of wine get spilled! The perfect marriage of form and function.


Roselind Wilson Design, Luxury Interior Designers London, UK

At Roselind Wilson Design, we can provide an award-winning luxury interior design service to ensure that your home reflects your unique style, elegance and personality with an exclusive aesthetic and accessories that appeal to all that visit and reside there. Contact our luxury interior designers London to learn more about how we could help you create the ultimate luxury look for your residential interior design project. Our highly skilled and passionate team looks forward to helping you to create perfection with your luxury living spaces from our luxury interior design studio in Maida Vale.