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The Insider Edit – An elegant master bathroom

In the first of our new series of behind-the-scenes blog posts, we talk you through the design process for the exquisite master bathroom of our Carlton Hill project. Set within a large, stucco-fronted house in St John’s Wood, this bathroom features organic curves, luxurious materials and a soothing palette. The result? An elegant sanctuary in which our client can relax and recharge.

elegant master bathroom with large freestanding bath, sash window with floor to ceiling curtains and coffered ceiling with LED lights

What was the starting point for this master bathroom design?

It all started with the bath. We decided to place the bath under the large sash window and chose a design which mimics the curve of the walls. This then led to the decision to create an elliptical coffered ceiling above the bath to tie in with its curved shape.

The other key aspect with this bathroom was to meet our client’s specific request to achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality. They wanted a really functional bathroom – a powerful shower, a comfortable bath – but they were also very specific about materials. They wanted a super luxe look, but with only a minimal amount of marble because of how high maintenance it can be. So we opted for porcelain tiles for the walls, a composite for the vanity unit and a highly polished, durable marble for the floor.

Can you tell us about the coffer lighting?

coffered ceiling with fluting detail and LED lighting

The coffered ceiling is really central to the design of this bathroom. Inside its elliptical shape, we embedded LED lighting which casts a gentle wash of light over the fluted edges of the coffer. We always pay very close attention to the colour of our lighting schemes, so for this installation we opted for 2700 Kelvin which gives a lovely, warm glow. This bespoke light feature creates a relaxing ambience in which to relax and unwind in the bath.

What about the elegant bathroom vanity details?

elegant bathroom vanity with brass wall lights on either side of a large bathroom mirror with bronze mirror surround

We’re big on detail here at RWD, and this bathroom features some lovely touches which really make it stand out. Our client’s home is a grand Victorian property with lots of original architectural features. In particular, we loved the decorative fluting in the archways and pillars in the house, which is why we decided to repeat this in the fluted edges of the bathroom’s ceiling coffer. A contemporary design feature making clear nods to the past.

The brass and bronze detailing around the room gives the space a contemporary feel. The light fittings either side of the mirror are in brass, and bronze has been used for the mirror surround and for the legs of the vanity unit.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with this luxury bathroom?

Without doubt, it was trying to get the enormous 3 metre by 1.5 metre porcelain tiles into the first floor of the property! Working alongside our contractor on various options, we came to the solution of lifting them in through the window of the adjoining dressing room with the help of a cherry picker. A successful solution and fantastic result as the tiles look absolutely stunning on the wall.

bathroom with large freestanding bath and floor to ceiling curtains on either side of a sash window

How did the client feel about the end result?

They were absolutely thrilled. They wanted an elegant but functional bathroom in which they could relax and unwind, and that’s exactly what they got. They particularly loved the detail in the coffered ceiling and in the bronze inlay where the large wall tiles meet the curved wall. We were delighted to be told that we exceeded all their expectations.

Selected products – Fact file

Bath Amiata Free Standing Bath, Victoria & Albert; Wall lights San Francisco Wall Light, Black bronze & English brass, Bella Figura; Flooring Palissandro Bluette polished marble, Stone of London; On the walls Marble-effect tile, FMG, Max Fine, Bianco Lasa, Tile Supply Solutions; Vanity door & drawer fronts Special Finish: Calfe Crimmings Keel, Colour DS 14088, Calfe Crimmings; Dress curtains Crystal Oyster fabric, Wemyss

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