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The Wilson Sisters

The Wilson sisters & Roselind Wilson Design team

RWD was founded by Roselind (Ros) Wilson in 2010, who is originally from sunny Cape Town. Ros’s twin sister Geraldine joined the team as the Chief Marketing Officer in 2016.

Best friends as well as business partners, the unique bond between the siblings is wonderfully organic and extremely powerful. Their approachable, positive energy is infectious and that, coupled with decades of Luxury Interior Design and Luxury Interior Architecture experience between them, makes Roselind Wilson Design a unique and exciting venture.

With combined high-end interior industry experience spanning three decades, and with bespoke projects completed in both the UK and internationally, our team of experienced designers and luxury experts bring a host of skills to the table. We are focused to thoughtfully interpret and deliver a diverse scope of briefs across luxury residential, corporate and hospitality projects.

Experienced luxury interior designers for Residential and Hospitality redesign projects

Specialising in high-end residential properties in the UK and abroad, our bespoke interior designs inspire and remain relevant in a world of ever-changing interior design trends. At the core of what we do is the ethos of seamlessly designing and delivering beautiful, bespoke full home interior redesigns that encompass the essence of our clients. We believe that a well-designed home can have a huge impact on the well-being of its owners. With an impressive portfolio of high-end residential projects, the London design studio brings a fresh, hands-on approach to the world of luxury interior design. Influences include a heady mix of South Africa’s strong lines, intense earthy colours and textures along with the layering, fabrics and warm shades of the UK. The result is a unique hybrid of looks, creating a calming elegance and a sense of quiet luxury that connects home and owner.

Gus the dog
Roselind Wilson - Owner & Creative Director

Roselind Wilson

Owner & Creative Director

Roselind Wilson - An experienced luxury interior designer for properties in London and beyond

With 17 years' experience in the interior design industry, Ros started her career in Cape Town where she worked in the high-end residential redesign and hospitality sectors, transforming stunning homes, redefining boutique hotels and working on the complete transformation of a 31st floor office space into a luxury VIP club - the first of its kind in Cape Town.

When Ros embarked on her journey into an interior design career, it was always with the understanding of starting, growing and nurturing a successful London design studio that designs truly beautiful homes for clients. Homes that reflect who the clients are, encompassing stunning detail and bespoke furnishings that echo their lifestyles and personalities.

Today, perfection and a superior sense of quality is something Ros strives for in all her high-end residential designs and throughout the design process. Finding beauty in sometimes odd and offbeat things, Ros is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Her expert eye is constantly analysing shapes, space, colours and tones, picking up inspiration in everything from stones on a beach to the spines of books sitting tightly on a shelf.

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Geraldine Wilson - Chief Marketing Officer

Geraldine Wilson

Chief Marketing Officer

Developing the award-winning London luxury interior design brand

In 2016, Ros's twin sister Geraldine joined the Roselind Wilson Design team as Chief Marketing Officer. With 17 years’ experience in brand and direct marketing, Geraldine swapped the world of publishing and glossy magazines for the opportunity to work with twin sister, Ros to further develop the Roselind Wilson Design brand and collaborate on exciting new ventures for the business. Geraldine loves to spend hours browsing books and paging through magazines in quaint bookshops and appreciates all kinds of stationery – from notepads, journals and binders to pens, paintbrushes and stencils. She finds nothing more inspiring than opening up a brand new box of pastels or turning the first page of a fresh new notepad!

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Meet the Team

Roselind Wilson Design Team

Nicole Langmuir

Junior Designer

Nicole Langmuir - Junior Designer

Nicole is always seeking adventure – hailing from the great northern climbs of Vancouver, Canada she swapped the paddle board and hiking boots for the bustling East End of London. As a dedicated foodie, she has a keen eye for the greatest pop ups, food trucks and market fare London’s legendary cuisine can muster. And whilst her heart will always be for design, Nicole craves travel, with London being the latest city to call home.

Tatiana Pietrangeli

Senior Designer

Tatiana Pietrangeli - Senior Designer

Tatiana has a love for sun, warmth and fun! Hailing from paradisiacal Venezuela, she graduated with a bachelors' in architecture in 2011, and has since applied her degree in the architectural and interior design industry. Naturally chatty, she loves to travel to new places and feel the vibe of cities, where you’ll frequently find her sifting through supermarkets to see what the locals eat and drink, talking to cab drivers and stopping along the way to pet a dog (or three).

Augustus Dimple Wynne

Augustus Dimple Wynne

Gus, MBBCA (Member of the British Ball Chasing Academy) CSG (Chartered Snoring Guild), has had a colourful history: he was discovered young, as a licking protégé, and was pegged as a "rising star" by Puppies Quarterly and appeared on their "4 Frenchies under 4" watch list. Then, as is common with young talent, Gus proceeded to flunk out of training school after his first semester to “find himself”. He put his life on paws and took a gap-year to Goa where he perfected his downward and upward dog pose and found his inner peace. With a calm temperament described as being ‘quiet within himself’, he has the character traits of an artistic dreamer yet displays the mannerisms of an uncoordinated circus clown, resulting in many a hilarious tumble and trip.

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