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Award-winning luxury interior designers in London

Timeless, beautiful and supremely versatile

Roselind Wilson Design has a wealth of experience on an abundance of prestigious projects across the city, including contemporary penthouses and elegantly charming listed buildings in some of London’s most sought-after areas, such as St John’s Wood, Richmond and Hampstead. Our dedicated and professional team can create a cohesively exceptional design that is meticulously tailored to your vision.

A seamless blend between interior design and interior architecture

Our award-winning precise approach is centred around our client’s intentions, with a strategic process that considers elements that complement both our luxury interior design and interior architecture expertise. Our inspired and attentive team will fuse the latest trends and concepts for a bespoke design tailored to your London property.

Reflect your personality in your London property

Whether you reside in the sophisticated area of South Kensington, the trendy streets of Chelsea or the pleasantly calm district of Fitzrovia, our intricate knowledge of London’s panache and architecture promises a design that combines both your aspirations and your tastes.

Focusing on your personal lifestyle, we can create a living space that accommodates your families’ needs that still emulates an alluring glamour. There is no need to compromise on functionality or design, as our attention to detail and commitment to creating luxury interiors results in harmonious designs with flawless results.

Is it better to hire an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer can be a great choice for many homeowners, especially those who want to achieve a specific look or style in their home but don’t have the time, professional expertise, or creativity to do it on their own. Alongside these benefits – you will gain access to resources that would otherwise be out of reach if you did a DIY job and in addition, it will increases your home value that much further with a well designed and executed interior renovation.

What does an interior design consultation consist of?

An interior design consultation is typically the first step in working with an interior designer, and it usually involves an initial meeting between the designer and the client to discuss the client’s needs, preferences, and goals for the project. Usually consisting of: a needs assessment, a site visit, developing a preliminary design concept, taking into account any revisions based upon this concept and then a final proposal.

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