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Design service FAQs

Working with an interior designer is a creative, collaborative process and a strong working relationship between client and designer is essential. During the initial stages of the design journey, we guide customers through our design process and answer any questions related to the scope of the project, our services and how we work.
Here is a selection of our design service FAQs.

Can you design some of the rooms and we’ll do the rest?

Our preference is to take a holistic approach to the design of your property to ensure optimal flow and to achieve a cohesive, consistent aesthetic. Our designs reflect the lifestyle and personality of our clients so a ‘whole house’ approach is also a key part of meeting this objective.

Can we approach the project in phases? For example, design some rooms first and the rest at a later date?

From both a cost and design perspective, it is more efficient to carry out the entire remit in one phase. Labour costs will increase if you phase the project, and aspects such as electrics and plumbing can become more complicated if contractors have to return at a later date to carry out certification work, etc. However, depending on the size and scope of your project, we are always happy to discuss the feasibility of phased works.

Can we use our own contractors such as electricians, plumbers or decorators?

We prefer to work with our own trusted team of contractors in order to have full control and accountability and to achieve the best possible end result for you. We would, of course, be happy to accommodate your request, but a fee will be charged for the co-ordination of any contractors and consultants appointed directly by the client. In addition, we would not be held accountable for any sub-standard workmanship carried out by these contractors.

Can we procure items for the project ourselves?

Procurement is a central part of our role as interior designers. Leveraging the relationships we have built up over more than 25 years in the industry, we will source, secure and manage the delivery and receipt of all items required for your project. We work with exclusive trade suppliers and manufacturers in order to bring you furniture, furnishings and fittings of the highest possible quality. If you do choose to procure items yourself, all accountability for supplier liaison, delivery and installation would fall under your remit and not that of Roselind Wilson Design.

Can my own artwork collection be incorporated into the design?

Absolutely. An integral part of the design journey is for us to understand and assimilate any furniture, artwork or objet that particularly resonate with you. These pieces add to the story of the design and are a vital part of conceptualising the bespoke spaces we create. These personal additions are also an integral part of creating a space that feels like a home.

Can you source artwork and accessories on our behalf?

Yes. Our expertise extends to the commissioning of artwork and sourcing of accessories that will work seamlessly within the aesthetic of your newly-designed property.

If some of my existing furniture is used in the project, will I be charged a fee?

No. However, if you require us to coordinate delivery and installation of your existing furniture then a fee would be applicable.

Can I do the project management myself?

Unless you have direct experience of project management, we would strongly advise against this. During our many years of experience in the industry, we have perfected our processes to ensure seamless delivery and fastidious coordination of all aspects of our projects. As a result, we are well-equipped to carry out this function. Alternatively, project management can be outsourced to an independent project manager or quantity surveyor should you wish.

Do I need an architect as well as an interior designer for my project?

This really depends on the scope of the work involved, which we will discuss with you as part of our initial meeting. We often work in conjunction with an architect and draw upon external expertise as and when we need it. Once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements we can, if necessary, recommend an architect best suited to your project.

How can you minimise the disruption to our lives while the refurbishment work is being carried out?

The build works can be carried out most efficiently and without disruption if the site is vacant. In addition, there is the added caution of adhering to Health & Safety regulations which can be minimised if the site isn’t occupied. At all times we will endeavor to keep disruption to a minimum, but this will largely depend on the scope of work involved. If major kitchen and bathroom refurbishments are planned, we would advise you not to live at the property during this period because of the inevitable disruption to you and your family’s lives. However, if alternative accommodation is not an option, we will adapt the schedule of works to best accommodate your access to bathing and cooking facilities. But as this approach is likely to cause delays and increase costs, we would advise against it if at all possible.


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