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Making the most of a spare bedroom

Many homes have a spare bedroom room that either feels purposeless or super stretched, serving many needs, home-office, study, overflow storage or seldom-used guest bedroom. Whatever your need, here are some simple considerations to help you make the most of your spare room in all its guises.

Perfect storage solutions

Built in cream storage solutions with ladder

Spare rooms are commonly smaller or have slightly obscure layouts, so any storage must work for you and your space. Choosing custom built-in storage is the best way to make sure every single inch is working as hard as possible and optimise the space available. One of our favourite reasons for using built-in storage is that you can customise it to suit your belongings. You’ll be able to choose whether you need more space for hanging clothes, discreet shelving or a handy nook to house your electric guitar collection!

Our design team would love to hear about your storage wants and needs and help effectively plan your room around these.

Double up on functionality

Small spare room with cream pull out with storage

Squeeze the most out of your room and make transitioning easy by choosing flexible furniture. For the home office/guest room an armchair that becomes a bed or a workspace that can be closed off when not in use allows for duality and quick, easy changeovers.

Create a dressing room and vanity area

Dressing room with grey chair and wooden vanity

Think mirrors, storage and a luxurious vanity.

An incredibly simple way to make your spare room feel swankier is to add a vanity as a focal point, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Browse vintage furniture stores and fairs for a unique piece that can be refurbished to your taste. Vintage dressers or old desks are perfect as they often have plenty of built-in storage, which is excellent for concealing smaller makeup and vanity items, and a large worktop for additional storage and tasking. Console tables are also great if you’re limited on space as the proportions tend to be more slender. Simply hang a mirror above the vanity or console to complete the look.

A comfortable chair for your vanity is a must and it is worth investing in a chair that looks great when paired with your vanity. We teamed the vintage dresser with a low-profile slipper chair at our Richmond residential project. The delicate teak legs perfectly complimented the colouring and style of the dresser.

Great lighting

window shining into a spare bedroom turned office

A multi-purpose room needs to include multi-purpose lighting; overhead, task and ambient to suit the changing function. When getting ready in your dressing room you’ll want some good task lighting around the mirrors and vanity. A bulb that produces white or neutral light is recommended for the primary light source as this will not affect the way your clothing looks and make colours appear more accurate. Add lamps and ambient lighting to soften the space and create a welcoming, cosy feel for more relaxed activities.

Adding soft furnishings and accessories

Spare bedroom soft furnishings and desk

There is nothing worse than being a guest in a space that feels unloved or unlived. Add plenty of soft furnishings around the room, layering cushions and textured throws on the daybed and introducing a rug to tie the scheme together and help make the room feel complete.
These small finishing touches will transform your spare bedroom into your dream bonus room.

Work with our team of luxury interior designers

Our expert team of designers would be happy to provide design direction to help you create your stylish spare room. Contact us today to discuss your home renovation project.

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