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Interior Design in South Kensington, West London

Enhance the refined elegance and grandeur of South Kensington’s architecture with your interior design project

South Kensington embraces a cohesion of architectural beauty, sophisticated restaurants and trendy shops, which alongside its accessible routes into Central London, has established its prominence as one of London’s most notable luxury residential districts in the city.

The building designs in South Kensington comprise a rich diversity of Georgian and Victorian architecture, resulting in some of London’s very best craftsmanship, including Victoria Road and De Vere Gardens. The refined culture is at the heart of South Kensington’s residential areas which typically sees white and red brick apartment buildings stretched beautifully along its roads.

A Luxury Interior Designer in South Kensington, Central London and beyond

Homeowners in South Kensington, UK, take great pride in both the exterior and interior of their prestigious properties, adorning stunning balconies, white pillars and elegant foliage to complement the regency building style and seamlessly create a cohesive fashionable manner down the quieter roads. With our authentically ornate interior designs, we can inject the precious flair of South Kensington’s streets combined with your personal tastes for a faultless solution that ticks every box.

At Roselind Wilson Design, we have thorough interior design and renovation experience in the surrounding South Kensington area, accruing detailed knowledge about its past building designs. We produce sublime high-end interiors with soft furnishings, fittings and accessories that consider the period details of your property, while still offering the versatile spaces modern homeowners now require. With our award-winning design portfolio, we are more than equipped to bring even the most distinctive designs to life in private residences in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, the surrounding areas and beyond.

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