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Room to grow – Space-saving solutions and decorating tips to update your child’s bedroom

With so many creative storage solutions, furniture pieces and decorating possibilities, you can have all sorts of fun creating or updating your child’s bedroom. If your kid’s bedroom is looking a bit uninspiring and in need of an interior design update, consider these space-saving solutions and decorating tips that will ensure your child’s room remains a stimulating, adaptable and fun space for years to come.

Storage for boys and girl’s bedrooms

Allow for plenty of storage for your child’s treasured belongings, books, toys and games. But make it fun! Incorporate a ladder into joinery to climb up and over the piece or design the joinery to include a swing or climbing wall. Geometric shelving is a great choice to add individuality, colour and encourage a tidy room. If the space you are creating is for more than one child, allow for designated areas or storage specifically allocated to each child. This will allow for a sense of ownership and independence in the development of your children’s individual personalities.

blue boys bedroom with patterned wallpaper and geometric shelvingA fun boy’s bedroom in our Broad Walk family home with geometric shelving and plenty of storage space for books and games.

Boys bedroom with build in storageThe desk in the boy’s bedroom of our Richmond family home extends the full width of the room and is positioned under the window to take full advantage of the natural light. Shelves and pigeon hole storage keep the room clutter-free.

Children’s bedroom shelves will save space

Create an environment that is both stimulating and entertaining by making space for your child to learn and play. Create a desk or homework area with purpose-built shelving for books and materials. A trundle bed is perfect for sleepovers and ideal in bedrooms that are tight on space.

Girls pink bedroom design with white desk and pink wardrobesThe bed in the girl’s bedroom of our Richmond family home has been designed bespoke as a trundle bed for sleepovers and has a soft sheer canopy draped from the ceiling and twisted around gentle tiebacks.

children's pink bedroom with single beds and shelving that extends to the ceilingThe design of the twins bedroom in our St John’s Wood family home considers areas of storage specifically for each child. Plenty of shelving keeps the play area clear while a desk is another space where children can enjoy drawing or reading for hours.

Children’s bedroom colour schemes that are adaptable

A design that is changeable and that can adapt to your child as he or she grows will save you time and money in the long run. Our approach is to keep the palette neutral with softer shades of colour so that the furniture can be adapted as your child gets older. Likewise, accessories such as wall stickers or Velcro shapes can be used for a themed space that can be easily changed.

children's blue and grey bedroom with patterned wallpaperThe boy’s bedroom in our Broad Walk family home features colourful wallpaper and a colour palette that focuses on blues and greys. The bespoke joinery provides plenty of storage space for toys, books and gadgets.

children's bedroom and playroom with built-in circular seating and a climbing wall built onto a wall of black chalkboard paintThe children’s playroom in our Holland Park period property cleverly factors in the British weather with an indoor climbing wall built onto a background of chalkboard paint and recessed circular seating in bright red, ensuring the children can play in this room all year round, come rain or shine.

Colourful children’s interior designs are fun and inspiring!

Although you’re developing a space for growing and inquisitive minds, it’s also important to keep in mind the fun element! Here are some of our favourite discoveries that will delight your child and their friends:

Ikea’s Drömminge wall lamps give the impression of floating balloons against the wall. They emit a gentle glow and come in three classic balloon colours – red, yellow & blue. Available from Ikea. (

yellow balloon-shaped wall light

Inspired by Disney movie “Planes”, we love the playful and creative design of this SKY desk – perfect for an aviator inspired bedroom design. Plus the decorative suitcases provide plenty of storage. Available from Circu Magical Furniture. (

red aeroplane-shaped desk with suitcase-style drawers

Combine fun and practicality with Tiramolla – the young design system from Tumidei. We discovered Tumidei at Milan Design Week in April and loved their colourful, creative and adaptable designs that suit children of all ages. (

circular furniture in bright colours

Remember there are no rules when creating an inspiring and imaginative space for your child – explore your creativity and develop an area in which your child can flourish and grow. You don’t need to feel restricted or confined by trends or even try to match everything. Have fun!

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