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How to find a luxury interior designer in London

In our recent blog posts, we have explored planning a renovation, achieving the ultimate luxury look in your home, and the difference between the two design disciplines of interior design and interior architecture. In this post, we discuss when working with an interior designer is the right choice, guide you through the process of finding a luxury interior designer and ease you along the journey towards creating an exceptional interior.  

Perfecting timeless interiors that suit your lifestyle and feel personal can be challenging, and that’s where a highly skilled design team comes into their own.  

Follow our top tips to help you navigate the tricky process of finding the right designer for your project. 

Why choose an interior designer?


At Roselind Wilson Design our philosophy is to create spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also highly functional and seamlessly aligned with our client’s lifestyles. We invest a great deal of time immersing ourselves in their worlds so that we can create from a place of sincere understanding and design timeless interiors that are unique, characterful and rooted in deep personal connection. 

“My philosophy has always been about the importance of our homes as sanctuaries in which we can feel our most comfortable, calm and at ease.” 

Beyond the creative aspects we provide practical solutions, expertly navigating planning regulations sourcing materials, and ensuring projects are delivered within budget and on time. Our role is exceptionally varied requiring sound technical understanding as well as the ability to coordinate at all levels with industry specialists from structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, to furniture, textile, product designers and artists.  

Finding a comfortable fit

interior design

Don’t be tempted to skip the courting phase – Like any blossoming relationship communication is key, and it could take a few conversations to feel confident you are on the same page. Any home, complete with imperfections and quirks – clutter and collections gives us an intimate insight into the life stories playing out within it. This means that feeling able to keep it real about what you want and the elements which will be game changers for you (yes, however random!)  is really important – The more open and honest the dialogue the more authentic the design outcome will be.   


  1. Do you feel the designer understands the way you want to live, and any personal touches you want to include. 
  2. Is the designer able to capture and translate your vision.
  3. Have expectations and the process been made clear.  

“Our approach involves developing a deep understanding of our clients’ lifestyles, and cultures, tailoring our designs to reflect their unique way of living. The world has been through some pretty testing times recently, and this is being reflected at all levels in the way we want to live in our homes.  

Our clients desire homes that allow them to live as comfortably as possible on a personal and social level. People want to be able to invite others into their spaces to socialise, so homes which deliver maximum utility and comfort have become a non-negotiable.”  

Interior designer or interior architect?

You have a good idea of what an interior designer does. What about the interior architect? This is a term you may not have heard of and might be confused by. Here at Roselind Wilson Design we are both, for the simple reason that one discipline necessarily complements the other.  

The way we explain the difference is to think of interior design as ‘everything that would fall out of your house if you turned it upside down’, whereas interior architecture is ‘everything that wouldn’t’. So, in essence, interior architecture includes staircases, doors, and bathroom fittings, and interior design covers items such as furniture, artwork, and soft furnishings. To provide a cohesive flow between these elements we feel it is necessary to provide both services.  

Cost- let’s talk about it…

Often one of the first things we are asked about is cost. The project fee varies depending on the complexity and time frame of the project. After an initial meeting and once we have an outline of the scope of the work required, we will draw up a fee proposal based on your brief which will provide a breakdown of the guide costs associated with your project. This proposal is accompanied by a guide programme and payment schedule. 

The majority of our clients opt for a fully managed service in which we coordinate every element of the project with our trademark razor-sharp attention to detail. This covers areas such as managing our trusted team of contractors, overseeing the installation of all facets of the design, and dealing with legal issues such as planning permission, licence to alter, and party wall agreements. If required, these fees will also be included in the fee proposal of guide costs. 

Get in touch

For more information about our interior design and interior architect services or to find our how we can help you create your dream home visit our contact page or give us a call on 0203 371 1779. 

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