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5 ways to bring natural light into your home

There is an enormous number of benefits of gaining exposure to natural light. It can significantly improve important factors such as serotonin levels, sleep patterns and focus – all key to both mental and physical wellbeing. It is a universally desirable aspect of everyday life, so how can you optimise the amount of natural light available in your home? Here are some ways to help.

Introduce brighter colour schemes

White is one of the more popular options when it comes to choosing an effective colour to brighten up the space in your home. Lighter shades and tones of colour generally help to bring natural light into play more as they tend to reflect the light, instead of absorbing it.

Using softer tones has the added benefit of creating the illusion of increased amounts of space, so be liberal by either painting your walls or introducing furniture in lighter shades of colour. A large white sofa, for example, along with similarly shaded home decor and accessories can help to enhance and maintain a brighter space.

Off-white options along with lighter pastel colours are also good choices to be able to reflect the beautiful natural light seeping in from outside. Working with an interior designer can further help to provide insight to maximise the natural light that you are able to bring into your home.

In addition to natural light, it’s important to consider lighting schemes for the key areas of the home. In A room-by-room guide to lighting your home we look at how lighting not only plays a vital role in providing functional illumination, but in setting the tone and mood of a space.

Reflective surfaces and materials

metal console table and antique mirror wall

Thanks to their reflective properties, making use of mirrors inside your home is a good way to increase the amount of natural light. Positioning a mirror to face a window, for example, allows any sunlight coming in to be reflected and provides a further glow around your room.

Glass is another effective alternative to boost natural light in a space. Consider adding glass accessories as reflective surfaces to brighten up a space. Another subtle yet effective option is to opt for a glass coffee table instead of a solid, opaque version. In this instance, glass adds an understated reflective layer in your living room, as well as generally being less obstructive on the eye.

Skylights are also an effective option to consider, especially in a home with a flat roof, and are designed to help bring natural light in by providing a direct route for light through the ceiling.

Installing large windows and doors

Luxury reception room with glass chandelier above circular dining table

Increase the amount of natural light in your home by looking to install bigger windows and doors. By increasing the amount of glass available by enlarging the size of windows and doors, more light can stream through into your living space.

Cleaning and polishing

It may sound like a basic option but making sure that your windows are as clean as possible can help squeeze an extra bit of natural light to gleam through, without being blocked by any potential marks or dirt. Even your floors can provide a further source of natural light. Having polished surfaces such as stone, ceramic and wood can provide a shine which, in turn, can help to reflect the light back into the room.

Landscaping and greenery

It’s always a good idea to consider the potential impact your greenery can have on natural light filtering into your home. The more external plants and trees grow, the less light can enter. So, try and tame any plants and trees that may be obstructing your windows for a clearer view.

elegant living room with full height french doors

Let in the light with Roselind Wilson Design

We’d love to help you take advantage of the multitude of benefits that bringing natural light into your home can generate. Contact our team  today to discuss your home renovation project.

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