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A guest-ready room – considerations to make your guests feel comfortable and at ease

As we start to think ahead to the holiday season and once again welcoming family and friends into our homes, it’s the perfect time to turn your attention to the comfort of overnight guests. A prime opportunity for catching up with friends you probably haven’t seen for the best part of a year or longer, creating a warm and inviting guest room with a unique twist of luxury is more crucial than ever.

With this in mind, here are our five top tips to consider when creating an enticing guest bedroom and unforgettable guest experience this year.

1. A sound night’s sleep

Providing a good night’s sleep is one of the best gifts you can give! Dress your guest bed to perfection with high quality bed linen, including luscious layering of sheets, pillows, cushions, and bedspreads. Take note of what the bed linen is made from before purchasing, as high-quality bed linen forms the foundation for dressing a bed and really can make all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. Natural fibres, such as linens and cottons, will keep your guests cool in summer and warm in winter. For a sublime night’s sleep, try to aim for a 300 or 400 thread count linen, woven from good quality cotton.

Guest bedroom layering

2. Cosy guest bedroom ideas

Creating that sought-after ‘home from home’ feel will immediately put your guests at ease, especially in the winter months when warmth is essential. Layering patterns and soft textures using cushions, throws and lamps will create a cosy, calming space. A statement throw also has the power to add an effective finishing touch with minimal effort. Use the shifting of the seasons to dictate the type of throw required, opting for layers of cosy blankets through autumn and winter and a simple cotton throw in summer.

Cosy guest bedroom ideas

3. Guest bedroom colour schemes

Choose pillows, cushions, and throws that complement the guest room colour scheme, whilst adding sumptuous texture and depth to the room. You can also use cushions and throws to add a splash of seasonal colour to the room. Bear in mind that warmer tones will create a cosy atmosphere throughout the colder months, whereas brighter hues inject rejuvenating colour during the summer months.

Guest bedroom colour schemes

4. Sensible storage

Whether it’s a few nights or a couple of weeks, provide your guests with plenty of storage space; no-one wants to spend their holiday ironing creased clothes! A classic built-in wardrobe and dressing table is ideal for hanging clothes and neatly storing suitcases out of sight. Floating shelves also provide convenient storage for guests to recharge electrical devices with ease.

Guest bedroom storage ideas

5. Luxurious touches

It’s often the smallest touches that have the biggest effect. Incorporating beautiful artwork and fresh flowers into your guest bedroom will create an inviting ambience your guests will never forget. At this time of year, a pine scented candle is a lovely sentiment that is sure to add a festive touch to your guest room. Providing personalised reading materials, from newspapers to magazines and books, along with carefully chosen adjustable reading lights positioned by the side of the bed are also welcoming, thoughtful gestures.

Guest room luxurious touches

The season’s sense of magic and wonder doesn’t just stop at the front door! Carry it through to your guest bedroom and beyond with award-winning, luxury interior design and interior architecture from Roselind Wilson Design. Focused to thoughtfully interpret and deliver a diverse scope of briefs across residential, corporate and hospitality projects, contact us today.

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