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Bring the luxe hotel look into your home

We all love to stay in a luxurious hotel. That sense of luxury echoed in the pleasure of convenience; with everything carefully considered to make our experience that little more gratifying.

Much of this sense of opulence and luxury can be attributed to exquisitely tailored furniture and soft furnishings, meticulously specified bed linens and handmade mattresses in natural materials together with highly stipulated levels of lighting to ensure the perfect nights’ sleep. The experience needs to be tactile and sensory to evoke a sense of luxury and provide the ultimate in comfort. It’s no wonder we try to incorporate this luxe look and sensory experience into our home.

luxurious bedroom in neutral shades with leather headboard and grey chaise lounge at the foot of the bed

An instant way to integrate the luxe look into a bedroom is to add automated curtains. The comfort and ease of simply pressing a button to open and close shades or blinds adds a sense of opulence. A further touch of the button can activate pelmet lighting to wash a glimmer of light over the curtains when closed. Lighting is essential to create a mood in a space and it’s incredibly rewarding to experiment with light at different levels. Hotels apply this very successfully with their interior architecture – consider constructing ceiling coffers with perimeter lighting when applying this to the bedroom in your home. Take it a step further by cladding the walls including the ceiling in a soft metallic sheen wallpaper, which will emit a warm glow of lighting to create a beautiful ambience.

masculine master bedroom with brown leather headboard and contrasting cream carpet

The bathroom is another room where you can replicate the hotel luxe look successfully with a high-end luxury interior. Install mirror matts to behind the mirrors to avoid condensation at all times and again, use lighting creatively to create ambience. Lighting by the mirrors can be used as task lighting but wall lights or lights under the vanities can be softer and warmer for added effect. Set these lights on a passive infrared (PIR) sensor so they light automatically when you enter the room, conjuring a sense of luxury. As trends move to a warmer colour palette with richer tones, use tinted glass shower screens in a bronze, smoked or deep olive palette to further enhance this luxe look.

luxury contemporary bathroom with marble vanity and daybed in alcove

luxurious bathroom with veined marble and large white oval bath


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