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Bring your dog to work day

We’re a big fan of Bring Your Dog To Work Day. Not only does Gus have his own dedicated corner of the studio, but keeps us smiling and laughing daily with his clumsy demeanour. And then of course there’s his gorgeous face, which simply can’t be ignored! Now in its fifth year, Bring Your Dog To Work Day was founded and is organised by HOWND. On Friday 22nd June 2018, businesses from across the UK will welcome their dog loving employees into the workplace along with their four-legged companions to raise money for animal welfare charity, All Dogs Matter.

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There’s a heap of research suggesting that allowing dogs in the workplace improves staff wellbeing and productivity. This includes reducing stress as well as increasing communication and social interaction (we’d always stop in the corridor to chat to someone who had brought their dog into the office). In fact, we love it when clients ask about Gus. Besides keeping staff happy and relaxed, pets in the office also means that employees not able to have a pet of their own, perhaps due to living in a small home or being allergic, means they can enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by pets in the office.

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Many companies now have pet-friendly policies, including Google and Amazon and while this is music to our ears, it’s also important to remember that while more outgoing dogs will love meeting new people and discovering unfamiliar noises and smells in the office, shyer pooches may find this experience overwhelming. We’re also aware that some people are simply uncomfortable with animals due to a past traumatic experience and therefore always inform visitors to the studio about Gus in advance of their visit.

Amidst running a busy studio, we also need to ensure that Gus has regular stimulation and exercise. He currently spends two days a week at ‘school’, which is fantastic for his socialisation with other dogs and our lovely dog walker takes him for long walks in surrounding Queen’s Park or Gladstone Park three times a week. We’re pretty sure Gus loves sharing the studio with the team although his happiest moments involve food, a tennis ball or just plenty of attention.

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How you can get involved

The facts say that sharing the workplace with dogs is good for productivity and wellbeing. Click here to read what the science says about employee wellbeing and find out how you can get involved. For more information about this fantastic event click here.

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