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How to create the perfect bedroom sanctuary

Are you thinking about designing your dream bedroom or refreshing your existing space? Your bedroom is a sanctuary where you can unwind and relax as well as a space where you can add your own personal touch and style preferences. From layout and texture to wallpaper and layering, we share a few suggestions to get you started.

A good starting point is to assess the light and aspect of the room. This will help determine the best position for your bed. If you enjoy a scenic view outside as a focal point of the room, then the obvious choice is to position the bed opposite the window. If your room has a fireplace, you may want to position your bed facing it instead to enjoy on chilly evenings. A fireplace also makes the perfect area to create a cosy reading nook or comfortable seating area within your bedroom where you can relax with a coffee or get lost in your favourite book.

A great way to evoke a sense of calm and luxury in any room is through the use of wallpaper and textured wall coverings. There are so many options to choose from although try to steer clear of bold patterns as these tend to date quicker. Instead, opt for textured papers for an elegant and timeless feel.

Be creative with your space by placing emphasis on a feature of the room, such as a fireplace, feature wall or headboard. A feature in a room adds impact and grandeur. In addition to a feature wall or headboard, incorporate pattern with luxurious window treatments and layering of textures and fabrics. Layering can be used to lavish effect by adorning the bed with cashmere throws and silk cushions. A striking chaise lounge or bench placed at the foot of the bed can anchor the design and instil a luxurious yet welcoming feel.

Light is essential to create ambience and set the mood in a room and should be carefully considered. Reading lights provide task lighting at night while bedside lamps create a gentle glow. Floor lamps are ideal for providing light by occasional chairs such as those positioned in the reading nook while a wider spread of light can be created with ceiling spots. Use lighting on passive infrared (PIR) sensors in wardrobes to highlight your clothing as a chic detail when dressing.

These are just a few suggestions to consider when planning or getting started with the interior design of your dream bedroom. We’ve included a selection of our recent bedroom designs below where we’ve used pattern, texture and layering to create a sense of comfort and tranquility.

luxury bedroom with cream leather headboard and low bed clad in leatherIn the master bedroom of our Broad Walk family home, we chose a colour palette of aubergine and ivory to exude elegance and sophistication. The walls are clad in Donghia wallpaper that creates a soft, striped texture or strié effect in a soft mink colour and beautifully complements the aubergine shade. The bed has been kept low and is clad in soft leather with bespoke bedside tables and tall table lamps that add a stunning elevation to the room.

luxurious bedroom in shades of amber with a ledge above the head of the bed displaying contemporary artworkA sense of luxury has been extended to the guest bedroom (also from our Broad Walk family home), which echoes a palette of soft mink and amber. We incorporated a ledge into the wall behind the bed that displays contemporary artwork and creates an eye-catching feature in the room. The bespoke bedside tables are finished with mink velvet drawer fronts and bronze detailing – a plush detail that we absolutely love.

luxurious bedroom in neutral shades with leather headboard and grey chaise lounge at the foot of the bedA neutral colour palette of grey and beige in the master bedroom of our Eaton Mews North mews house in Belgravia has been extended to the wardrobes and dressing table and adds warmth and sophistication to this room. The vertically panelled leather headboard creates a feature in the room while lighting has been carefully considered to create a soothing and welcoming effect.

luxurious bedroom with white pillars in the centre of the room, shades of grey and green and a velvet chaise lounge at the foot of the bedThe bedroom in our Eaton Square residence features a colour palette of green and soft shades of grey with metallic silk textures to exude understated glamour. The velvet chaise lounge at the foot of the bed further adds an element of glamour, and has been framed beautifully by the white pillars.

luxurious bedroom with pink wall lights and a full width headboardA soft palette of taupe, pink and dusty blue features in the guest bedroom of our elegant Bromptons residence. The striking raspberry-coloured wall lights not only add a subtle burst of colour into the room but project down above the headboard as reading lights and create a beautiful feature in the room. This dream bedroom is a calm space with opulent textures and fabrics in sophisticated hues.

rustic contemporary bedroom with floral patterns and oak deskFinally, the guest bedroom of our Richmond family home has a neutral colour palette with hints of fresh green. The desk is made from reclaimed and bleached oak, adding a raw yet humble texture to this serene space. A soft cotton, floral patterned roman blind marries the rustic yet contemporary scheme of this tranquil bedroom.

To view more bedroom designs from our residential projects, visit our Portfolio page.

Photography by Richard Waite

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