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Discover the key interior design trends for 2024

White Living Room

Join us as we dive into the world of interior trends in 2024, which, just like the hottest fashion offers an endlessly evolving and enticing variety of new and exciting ways to express ourselves. The buzz around the latest interior trends can make it easy to jump on the bandwagon without thinking about how the new colour option, furniture item or design tweak fits into the long-term aesthetic of your home. Unlike cheap and cheerful fashion that allows for spontaneous experimentation, home improvements require more careful consideration. After all, what might seem like a cool trend can quickly turn into a not-so-great investment.

Granted, every season brings new ideas inspired by the world around us, but for us, the emphasis lies not just with what’s in – but how what’s in fits your home. At Roselind Wilson Design we are all about making considered choices that will work for you in the long term. Our mission is not about being on-trend for the sake of it, it is about making sure that those trendy colours and textures truly belong in your space.




So, how do you create a predominately monotone scheme while maintaining sufficient contrast and interest to the eye? At our Belsize Park project, we layered tones of black in a variety of finishes from matt to high shine to create an atmospheric mood in the open-plan kitchen and dining area. 


The beauty of this trend is that it can meet you wherever your favourite palette sits within the colour spectrum. From light and bright to dark and moody. Experiment with layering browns and caramels for a contemporary feel, or whites for a clean, fresh look. As a general rule of thumb work within a range of 2-3 shades to keep the look subtle and classic. 


“I always want the spaces I create to evoke a real sense of comfort, warmth, homeliness – and connectedness to the space for our clients. I am not afraid of using dramatic colour and lots of textural elements to envelope a space and create a really inviting, cocoon-like ambience.”


 Roselind Wilson Design – CEO and Founder 

All in the detail

All the Detail

This trend is all about the power of small, unexpected details making a big impact. While it champions simplicity, taking a closer look reveals carefully curated elements that transform the space from minimal luxe to luxuriously chic. They beckon closer inspection, providing a tactile richness that’s a feast for the senses.

Art underfoot

Floor Art

The world of rug design is taking bold strides away from the obvious geometric or circular shapes of traditional designs and we couldn’t be more welcoming of the shift. The emergence of ‘irregularly shaped’ rugs is an exciting one, especially as we are big on embracing the incorporation of art everywhere – including the floor!

At our recent international project in the leafy suburb of Brentwood, Los Angeles, the brief called for an airy, modern-minimalist scheme. We introduced a few carefully considered oversized elements to balance the vast proportions of the properties’ internal spaces. On the first floor landing, we worked with custom rug manufacturers Art and Loom to create the unique ‘Matrix’ runner, at almost 6 meters in length the undulating linear design and soft curves convey a sense of movement which draws the eye through the hallway, accentuating the length and scale of the space.

Quiet Luxury

Bedside Table with a Lamp


This trend is all about the revival of classical design and the production of heirloom pieces for us to fall head over heels for generation after generation. Think impeccable one-off designs made to a specific set of requirements regarding look, feel and finish in luxurious textures, rich woods and bespoke detailing. Timeless pieces, in classic shapes and silhouettes can be given many lives through reconditioning, reupholstery and reinvention over time.

At Roselind Wilson Design, we specialise in high-end residential projects, offering a full turnkey service ranging from structural changes to full refurbishments and everything in between. Our aim is to deliver beautiful, bespoke interiors that our clients love because they are not only aesthetically beautiful but also highly functional and seamlessly aligned with our client’s lifestyles.

For more information call us on 0203 371 1779 or enquire here for luxury interior design.

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