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Does every bedroom need an ensuite bathroom?

No, there’s certainly no rule that states every bedroom needs to have an ensuite bathroom. However, they are a lovely addition to any property, and where possible we always suggest having an ensuite installed as part of the master bedroom.

When you’re limited on space but want to add an additional luxury bathroom to your home an ensuite could be the perfect solution as they typically don’t require as much space as a family bathroom and instead of a full bath you could simply opt for a walk-in.

large master bathroom with bath in front of window and double sink

Should I have ensuites in my guest bedrooms?

Although it isn’t necessary to have an ensuite bathroom in every bedroom, it is a very nice addition. If you own a holiday home that you visit with friends and family, it’s worth considering your bathroom layouts and offering your guests a private bathroom. It is a fantastic touch and means that you won’t have to share your personal or family bathroom which can at times be inconvenient.

Providing guests with an ensuite bathroom, allows them to have a private space that they can freely use without interruption. Eliminating the embarrassment of stumbling around at night in search of a bathroom and providing somewhere for them to unpack and store their toiletries.

What to consider when planning an ensuite

Before you start designing your ensuite or guest bathroom there are several things you may want to consider including:

How much storage do I need in my bathrooms?

In your personal ensuite, you will want to add clever storage solutions, opting for fixtures that contain built-in storage and allow you to neatly store your products out of sight.

Typically, you won’t need anywhere near as much storage in a guest bathroom as you do for your personal or family bathroom. Guests only need counter space for day-to-day toiletries and a small cabinet for sundries.

What lighting should I use in my bathroom?

The lighting in your bathroom needs to remain practical for multiple purposes at different points in the day. We find a layered approach works best with a minimum of two forms of lighting for flexibility. Overhead lighting should provide sufficient illumination to brighten the room without being overwhelming during the night. Adding an additional lower-level light such as wall lights or an illuminating mirror as task lighting and soft ambient lighting within shelving or niche details for a sense of luxury.

eaton mews north redevelopment and interior design bathroom vanity

Should I provide my guests with amenities?

Although not a necessity it can be a courteous touch to provide your guests with a selection of toiletries and soft towels to use. When travelling people are bound to forget certain items whether that be a toothbrush or a bottle of conditioner. Keep them neatly stored away but inform your guests of where to find these items should they need to use anything during their stay. Keeping them within their bathroom will allow them to freely use them without them feeling they’re imposing on your space or being high maintenance.

Alternatives to ensuite bathrooms

There are alternative bathroom ideas for your home if an ensuite bathroom isn’t an option in the space you have. What you decide on can depend on several factors such as budget, space and existing layout. When we start working on a client’s space, we’ll discuss their needs and make suggestions based on the square footage of their home.

A Jack and Jill bathroom

Installing a Jack and Jill style bathroom between neighbouring bedrooms allows your guests to have a private bathroom without needing to install two separate ensuites. The two bedrooms will have their own access to the bathroom and the access points can be locked from either side to offer full privacy to your guests. To create your luxury Jack and Jill bathroom we would recommend having two sink stations installed that can be used simultaneously. Incorporate a shower rather than a bath to save on space whilst still providing your guests with proper facilities.

A luxury guest bathroom

Having a large yet separate guest bathroom can be a great addition to homes that have a guest wing to their home or several guest bedrooms. As there’s no need to go through any bedrooms to get to the bathroom your guests will still have full privacy. With additional space, you’ll have the freedom to design a luxury bathroom with your choice of fixtures and furnishings. A shower is typically a more practical solution and won’t use nearly as much space as a bath.

wood and marble bathroom

You may not have thought about adding a makeup vanity in the bathroom, but it can be a fantastic use of space. Not all bedrooms can accommodate a vanity and chair, but some hosts will want to provide their guests with a comfortable yet private spot to get ready. If you aren’t keen on a vanity, simply adding a comfortable chair is a wonderful concept. It provides your guests with a spot to keep their fresh clothes and somewhere to get ready after their shower.

Work with our team of luxury interior designers

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