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Clever storage | Smart spaces

As summer comes to an end and the kids go back to school, it’s time to get organised again. Organisation is essential for a serene and uncluttered space, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom or family entertaining space. We’ve assembled a few of our clever storage and smart space designs across recently completed luxury interior projects, from cabinets in textured finishes to sliding pocket doors and floor-to-ceiling shelving. Take inspiration from some of our storage solutions that are not only highly functional but elegant and chic at the same time.

Maximise space with exclusive joinery

Good storage is essential for a well-balanced and functional home and smart storage that maximises space is an immediate consideration when we work on the refurbishment of a client’s home. Bespoke fitted storage not only optimises space but also enhances a look or style within an interior scheme. A great way to maximise space is with full floor to ceiling storage or full length joinery where the interior design can also be tailored depending on the requirements of the space.

clever storage smart spaces sliding pocket library door by roselind wilson design

To take advantage of the extensive hallway in our Richmond family home, we divided the space into library shelving and a desk or work space with shelving overhead. The desk or work area can be discreetly hidden from view by a large sliding timber door that pockets to behind the library shelving, which means there’s no need to keep the work surface clutter-free at all times!

clever storage smart spaces hidden desk by roselind wilson design

Floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving comprising upper and lower cabinets and glazed doors in the annex kitchen of our Richmond project (below) is the perfect way to display crockery, glassware or a beautiful decorative plate collection. Also consider including closed cabinets at low level for a complete fitted storage solution in the kitchen area for your storage design.

clever storage smart spaces built-in kitchen shelving by roselind wilson design

Gain inspiration from luxury hotel bedroom designs

Bespoke bedroom furniture is a great way to ensure that your bedroom storage makes the best possible use of space and looks luxurious at the same time. In the master bedroom of our Eaton Mews North project (below), we used stud walling to define the bed area with bedroom shelving, accentuated by the bespoke headboard, to create a flush finish for a recessed wardrobe built under the sloping ceiling. Neutral tones with hints of champagne and pink add a warm yet elegant feel to the room.

clever storage smart spaces bedroom by roselind wilson design

Floor to ceiling storage ideas

For the dressing area of our Richmond family home (below), we took advantage of the exceptional height of the room to obtain maximum storage and fitted the bespoke joinery into the apex of the ceiling. The built-in floor to ceiling storage includes drawer storage at the lower part and doors with hanging storage above. A dark timber library style ladder is not only useful for high access but also provides a contrast to the lighter veneer of the joinery in this luxury interior design.

clever storage full height joinery by roselind wilson design

Floor to ceiling cupboards in a utility or boot room

A utility or boot room can make a huge difference to keeping a household running smoothly and clutter-free. A crucial consideration when planning a boot room storage space should be shelving and storage space. Floor-to-ceiling shelving joinery is a practical design solution and a great way to make the most of this bedroom design. Compartment built in storage solutions are another useful design solution for saving space. Include a combination of pigeon-hole storage for immediate storage of items and drawer storage above or below for more unsightly objects. Even if you haven’t got space for a whole room, maximising the space that you do have will be a worthwhile investment.

clever storage smart spaces boot room by roselind wilson design

Breakfast nook seating with integrated storage

When planning the interior or designing the layout of bespoke storage solutions, it’s important to consider sufficient seating for guests. Stylish stools or poufs are a smart and chic way to include extra seating that can be easily tucked away when not in use. Such is the case in our Fitzrovia pied-à-terre where the bespoke ottoman incorporates extra poufs, which can be brought out as required, which means the open-plan living area can be kept organised and free of clutter during and after entertaining.

In a kitchen, a breakfast nook seating installation can provide extra storage space below the seats. Not only does it provide a comfortable and homely space for family meals, but you can hide away anything you don’t want on show in your kitchen area.

clever storage smart spaces open plan kitchen by roselind wilson design

Luxury bedroom designs for kids with plenty of storage

A key consideration when designing luxury children’s bedrooms is a desk or study area with thoughtfully designed storage where kids can stay focused. In the multi-tasking children’s bedrooms of our Richmond family home, emphasis was placed on the work space, with special consideration given to fitted storage in wall shelving and storage. In the girl’s bedroom design, a large desk extends the full width of the room under the window to allow for good lighting and includes wardrobes and plenty of book storage on either side. A bespoke trundle bed for friends that stay over for sleepovers is perfect when short on space. Incorporating pattern and texture through the use of fabrics, bed linen or a striking geometric rug is a great way to add a personal touch to a design scheme.

clever storage smart spaces girls bedroom by roselind wilson design

In the boy’s luxury bedroom design, a bespoke desk has also been placed under the window to take advantage of the natural light, with shelves and pigeon-hole storage fitted to the wall adjacent to the desk while a bespoke single sofa bed is perfect for friends to lounge on when playing games or watching movies.

clever storage smart spaces boys bedroom by roselind wilson design

Add a fun element to the design of your child’s bedroom by using geometric shelving (used in the boy’s bedroom of our Broad Walk family home below) or use a combination of open and closed pigeon-hole storage boxes, which can be painted in pastel shades or bright colours (used in the girl’s bedroom of our Ingleby Drive project below).

clever storage smart spaces geometric shelving roselind wilson design

clever storage smart spaces pigeon-hole storage roselind wilson design

Read more about our space-saving storage solutions and decorating tips to update your child’s bedroom here.

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Luxury Interior Design & Architecture

We are inspired by a diversity of styles and have produced an array of luxurious interior architecture and interior design projects. Whatever the project, whatever the brief, we analyse the requirements, assess the scope of works, and deliver a successful and distinctive result on every occasion.

Storage ideas from luxury interior designers

Occasionally an extra room needs to perform a dual function such as a study or guest bedroom for clever storage solutions. In this instance, use a neutral palette and give careful consideration to built-in bespoke joinery, elegant furniture pieces and chic décor that keep the look streamlined and the space clutter-free. The study of our Bromptons project has been designed to accommodate the owner’s grandchildren, as well as form a functioning home office. Single sofa beds have been placed at opposite ends of the room and can be easily transformed into beds or armchairs, while a bespoke desk in stained grey-green oak flanked by bronze wall lights forms a comfortable work space.

clever storage smart spaces home office by roselind wilson design

Make the most of a decommissioned fireplace by turning the chamber into storage or shelves and enclose with a discreet sliding door. In the study of our Richmond family home, the beautiful mantel and woodwork were painted to match the rich chocolate shade of the walls, which contrasts beautifully with the limestone fireplace surround, adding depth and authenticity to the scheme. And why not position an elegant upholstered chaise lounge beneath the window for some well-earned rest and relaxation after a long day!

clever storage smart spaces home study by roselind wilson design

Bespoke joinery design with floor to ceiling storage

Wall-to-wall bespoke joinery with upper and lower cabinets doesn’t have to be dull or overpower the design of a space. Combining different textured surfaces and metals adds character and turns what could end up as one-dimensional storage units into a fantastic feature in the room. In the basement of our Antrim Grove family home, we designed the joinery to house the aquarium with beautiful tropical fish. We combined textured laminate and dark bronze to create an ambient feeling in the space and with the expansive ceiling height, we designed the luxury joinery to extend the full length of the space going from floor to ceiling, which is broken by full height metal glazed doors to separate the study and cinema area.

clever storage smart spaces textured joinery by roselind wilson design

clever storage smart spaces built-in joinery by roselind wilson design

Home lighting systems design with additional storage space

Floor-to-ceiling shelving or joinery is an obvious choice for clever storage however using accent lighting to illuminate the rows of books, albums or personal objects in the alcoves can add warmth and character to the room, as seen in the living room of our Eaton Mews North project below.

clever storage smart spaces joinery lighting by roselind wilson design

Create a fun element by incorporating a reading nook with cushions for younger family members to enjoy. A ladder not only provides functional access to the reading nooks and higher shelves but forms a charming design feature, as seen in the library of our Antrim Grove project below. Plenty of cupboard storage is ideal for storing board games, games consoles, magazines and other personal items.

clever storage smart spaces library by roselind wilson design

For expert advice on how to make the best possible use of your space contact us today. We regularly work on a range of projects that vary widely in size and scope and our services can readily be tailored to our clients’ needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your interior design project.

View these storage solutions and more of our smart space designs on our Clever storage | Smart spaces Pinterest board

Photography by Richard Waite

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