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How to implement Wabi-Sabi design into your home

We’re somewhat drawn to the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi as it embraces authenticity at its core and appreciates the integrity of natural objects and processes. Adopting wabi-sabi principles in your home is not as challenging as it might seem. Consider incorporating existing pieces into your interior scheme such as antiques or family treasures. These add a unique element and your own personal story to the design.

In our Richmond project, we positioned these beautiful plates from our client’s collection in the informal living room where the elegant design complements the delicate pattern on the fabric of the roman blinds.

wabi-sabi decor tips using an existing decorative plate collection

Use natural materials such as wood and stone where possible, which connect with the wabi-sabi appreciation of nature.

Our personal favourite is to opt for handmade items as any irregularities add individuality and elegance to the piece. In the master bathroom of our Belsize Park project, the hammered antiqued brass basins were handmade in India. A miniature replica was made to admire the hammered technique and a specialist was used to dip the brassware to achieve the desired textures and tones of metals.

wabi-sabi decor tips using a handmade metal basin

In the bedroom of our St John’s Wood project, we used handcrafted wallpaper as the feature wall behind the bed. This wallcovering uses abaca fibres, which are dried, softened, dyed with natural pigments, and finally either woven or pasted onto the backing. Each production is unique, and one linear meter takes a full work day to produce.

wabi-sabi decor tips handcrafted wallcovering

wabi-sabi decor tips handcrafted wallcovering closeup

Here are a few more décor tips from The LuxPad on How to embrace Wabi-Sabi design in the home

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