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How to choose the perfect artwork for each room of your home

Whether your quest for artwork forms the starting point of your interior scheme, you have stumbled upon an artist you adore or are simply looking for the finishing touch to perfect your interior. It is well worth investing time and careful consideration into the process to make sure you are able to identify the right pieces to complement the overall interior scheme and your desired design aesthetic.

To help you navigate this tricky process we have created this informative guide to help you choose the perfect paintings for any space in your home.

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Does the artwork have to match the room? 

No, but it really should match you. Choose artwork that speaks to you and crafts a sense of individuality. Spend a little time exploring your own style, likes and dislikes. This will help you identify artwork that truly reflects your personal taste and character. Being intentional will increase your chances of finding artwork that you really enjoy and evokes a positive personal response. As a rule, if you only buy what you love, your collection will inevitably work together and continue to bring daily pleasure over the long-term.


Work your own narrative into your home art story. Mix pieces purchased during travel, gifted by friends and family and personal photographs to establish a unique and characterful collection.

Establish a budget

Like any significant purchase, it is vital to establish how much you are comfortable spending from the offset. Be realistic about your budget and stick to it. Being clear on your budget will allow you to source items within an affordable range and avoid the disappointment of falling for a piece you can’t afford.

Once the overall budget has been established, apply a hierarchy to your purchases on a room-by-room or item-by-item basis. For instance, if the plan is to create a focal point in the main reception with a large oil painting, this may require a larger investment than other spaces, so apportion a larger share of the budget for this piece and find more affordable works or prints for other areas.


If you’re working with a larger budget, you’ll may want to consider original artwork, especially if the space requires a particularly large piece or irregular sized piece or you want to incorporate something unique with a personal story.

At our North Finchley residential project, we worked with our clients to commission a unique 3D abstract installation featuring hand-finished textured panels adorned in gold leaf. Positioned in the living room above the seating area the artwork adds a sense of drama, character and luxury to the space.

Make an art plan

Having defined the budget and where any gaps exist in the existing collection, you should now have a clear idea of what additional artwork is needed and exactly where it will be placed. Establishing a clear idea of what you really need before making any purchases ensures that you buy only what you need. Too many paintings can make your home feel cluttered and too few can feel unfinished or stark.

Use your plan to categorise the size and style of each individual artwork. You may desire an oversized, bold abstract to draw focus and bring drama to a lively reception room or a collection of smaller pieces to form a cheery feature gallery wall. Whatever the plan, be sure to vary the subject matter to include a range of still life, landscapes, abstract and figurative works. Also, explore different media types from oil and watercolour to print, line drawing, collage and mixed media.


Consider the ambience you are trying to create in each room and how each piece may help convey this. For example, landscapes and soft abstract paintings make great additions to tranquil bedroom settings, providing a grounding focal point without being visually noisy or over stimulating the senses.

Explore vibrant colours and forms in spaces where you entertain to reflect a more upbeat mood and activity and quieter pieces in softer muted tones in the office or snug to minimise distraction and promote a calming, focused mood.

How do I source artwork?

As a luxury interior design studio, the subject of sourcing artwork is often raised. Our clients love incorporating artwork into their interiors but often feel unsure about where to buy or lack confidence in their choices or what makes a ‘good’ buy.

The good news is that art has never been more accessible. Online marketplaces such as; Artsy, 1st Dibs and Artfinder offer extensive access to unique pieces by emerging and established artists and galleries worldwide.

Aside from online marketplaces, scour art fairs, local galleries, auctions, craft shops, markets and boot sales to find original pieces that perfectly suit your style and personality.

Lastly, if the budget allows, consider commissioning bespoke artwork designed to fit the space and scheme perfectly.

Work with our expert team of interior designers

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