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My design inspiration

In honour of International Women’s Day being celebrated around the world, Ros discusses why the inimitable Andrée Putman is her design icon.french interior designer andree putman design icon

My design inspiration is firmly rooted in intangible aspects like attitude, self-expression and individuality. For this reason, I find inspiration in people who exhibit these qualities.

Andrée Putman has always been a source of inspiration to me. Her timeless designs and her own sense of self-expression have always really struck me as something quite beautiful. She was a strong, assertive woman who lived and designed by her own rules. What I admire most is that she found harmony and balance in her design and it reflected exactly who she was. Her personality resonated through her work. And that is an impactful statement to make. In this creative industry you often end up measuring yourself against your contemporaries but Putman had such a free spirit and her life philosophy was truly inspirational.

In the latest issue of Homestead, the homes and interiors magazine for Hampstead and Highgate, Ros discusses more about her design inspiration.

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