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Wanderlust – Add a global mood to your interior without leaving home

The pandemic has put many summer holidays into a perpetual state of limbo this year. However, the appetite to travel doesn’t just disappear. Nourishing our innate need to learn, travel is like chicken soup for the free-spirited soul – revealing new cultures and fuelling new experiences, whilst a change in environment promotes essential internal reflection, healing, and growth.

plane view of clouds

Moreover, scientifically proven* benefits of travelling include:

  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Stress relief
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Boosts creativity
  • Makes you happier

* Source

Studies also show that those who invest in experiences, rather than things, are generally happier; cherishing our memories and experiences far more than material possessions.

We may be restricted in our travels for now, but what if there was a way to reflect free-spirited adventures to come without having to leave home? Introducing wanderlust.

What is wanderlust?


Wanderlust is literally how it sounds; a strong desire to travel – originating from the German word for wander (wandern) and desire (lust). Immediately planning their next trip once they’ve returned home, wanderlust people embrace and thrive upon the unknown. Wanderlust invokes a feeling that washes over you, like the glistening tide on an immaculately white beach; refreshing, renewing, enchanting.

Wanderlust and interior design

Integrating wanderlust into interior design paves the way toward a new perspective on life, whilst building the foundations to truly reinvent yourself; mirroring what we seek from our real-life adventures.

Wanderlust interiors do not necessarily centre on ‘boho’ influences or romantic antiques, but leans more towards celebrating your unique sense of adventure using an eloquent, expressive, and impassioned approach. Shift your focus towards creating the perfect retreat that promotes a positive ambience, allowing you to dream, be inspired and plan forthcoming trips away with ease.

Wanderlust design can be represented in a number of ways; your own exotic souvenirs, framed vintage maps, light timber grains/driftwood, plants, authentic textiles, functional shelving units, repurposed vintage suitcases, coastal colours and natural tones.

If there’s a particular place in the world that you love to visit or dream of visiting, you could also theme your décor around that country or city, e.g. a Tuscan inspired interior; rustic, elegant, intricate.

Influence your home décor with wanderlust – room by room

From full wanderlust makeovers to intriguing wanderlust accents, we’ve picked some of our favourite examples from Pinterest that are sure to inspire your very own wanderlust project.

Wanderlust living room ideas

boho interior design

Inspired by a visit to the Indonesian island of Bali, this wanderlust living room example captures the true essence of Balinese style; a calming, yet elegant space, that balances organic, earthy pieces alongside striking rose gold accents.

map on wall with sofa

This clean, muted, wanderlust-inspired living room incorporates an earthy colour palette, alongside the stone-coloured textured sofa upholstery, the natural grain of the wooden tables and soft nautical/coastal flooring.

Wanderlust hallway ideas

vintage shelves

Transforming vintage leather suitcases into shelves is the ideal combination of unique storage and a memorable way to add character, whilst reflecting the unique personality of those who live within.

vintage interior

Utilising a muted yet warm colour palette, this elegant fusion of traditional home décor uses antiques as a base. Paired with unique souvenirs from far away lands, this wanderlust-inspired hallway places emphasis on the striking gothic architectural features reminiscent of beautiful pointed arches found in cathedrals; conjuring up memories of travels-gone-by with ease.

Wanderlust kitchen ideas

modern kitchen

The design of this kitchen offers a stunning fusion of contemporary clean lines alongside a variety of natural accents, textures and tones. The carefully positioned, multi-sensory biophilic accents work together to recreate that ‘wanderlust-thrill’ every time you enter the space.

modern kitchen with views of lake

This gorgeous blend of styles makes the most of far reaching views with its superb slide and pivot doors, alongside a variety of organic furniture. A classic example of simple, warm décor united with natural, tropical textures.

Wanderlust bedroom ideas

map wallpaper in bedroom

Refined and stylish, this wanderlust-inspired bedroom provides the perfect balance of feminine décor and modern chic styling.

grey bedroom interior

The combination of moody colours and recessed lighting in this elegant bedroom creates a sultry, global ambience we’d never want to leave. If comfort, indulgence and bringing the luxe hotel look into your bedroom appeals to your unique sense of style, have a read of our previous article on how to enjoy 5-star luxury at home.

Wanderlust bathroom ideas

leaf wallpaper in bathroom

Add a tropical element to your bathroom space, coupled with sumptuous accents similar to those found within luxurious hotels. Learn more about how subtle symmetry can add drama and luxury to your bathroom space, by exploring how to enjoy 5-star luxury at home.

modern white bathroom

A soft palette of greens and gold was chosen to create a sense of calm in the master bathroom of our Bromptons project. We wanted our client to step into a space that felt like home but with a sense of being on holiday, where they could enjoy the ambience of a luxury spa.

Tour the luxurious interior design of our Bromptons project.

Open the door to new worlds with wanderlust interior design

Discover how to incorporate wanderlust into your interior design by contacting us today.

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