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A round-up of our top blogs in 2020

With 2020 behind us, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share our most popular blogs of the year with you. Focusing on the most inspiring and informative topics, coupled with the official stats, we’re sure the following reading material with provide you with valuable insight to take charge of this year’s design challenges. So, make yourself a warm drink, sit back, relax, and prepare to be energized for the year ahead!

Make an entrance – How to create the perfect hallway

luxury entrance hallway with elegant console table and ornate table lamps

The key aspect when designing a hallway is to get the balance right with a combination of carefully-chosen materials, accessories and lighting solutions. Here, we explore some of the ways in which we’ve approached hallway design across some of our residential projects, and share our top tips on how to create the warmest of welcomes. Read more >

Top Interior Design Trends for SS20 – How to refresh your home

girls bedroom interior with natural wood

Spending more time indoors provides the perfect opportunity for us to better understand our habits and rhythms and how we ideally want each space within our home to function and to look. Here, we looked at the top interior design trends for spring/summer 2020. Read more >

Singing the blues – Why the coolest colour of 2020 is here to stay

shades of pantone blue

Timeless and highly versatile, blue hues comfort and sustain us with their reassuring evocations of the sky and the sea. Here, we look at why blue is such an effective colour to use in interiors, and explore some of the ways in which our design team has applied this versatile shade to some of our projects. Read more >

Wanderlust – Add a global mood to your interior without leaving home

modern white bathroom

Nourishing our innate need to learn, travel is like chicken soup for the free-spirited soul – revealing new cultures and fuelling new experiences, whilst a change in environment promotes essential internal reflection, healing, and growth. We may be restricted in our travels for now, but what if there was a way to reflect free-spirited adventures to come without having to leave home? Introducing wanderlust. Read more >

Bedroom lighting ideas – How to create ambience in your sleep zone

Using layers of light to create the illusion of more space

Improving sleep is actually the biggest health ambition for a quarter of UK adults (26%), but half don’t take any measures to improve sleep at all. How does bedroom lighting improve sleep health? What is light layering and how can you use it to your advantage?… Read on >

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