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Interior architecture versus interior design – what is the difference?

Leading on from our recent blog about what to expect when working with an interior designer, we’re delving deeper into the differences between interior architecture and interior design.

luxurious living room with dark colour palette and striking chandelier

Here at Roselind Wilson Design, we offer expertise in both interior architecture and interior design, but what’s the difference between interior design and interior architecture? There can be some confusion over the two, so we thought it might be useful to explain the difference between these two distinct design disciplines.

The analogy we find most useful when talking to our clients about this is to think of interior design as ‘everything that would fall out of your house if you turned it upside down’, and to think of interior architecture as ‘everything that wouldn’t’. So, in essence, interior architecture comprises the ‘fixed’ elements of your home like staircases, doors, and bathroom fittings, and interior design covers the ‘moveable’ items such as furniture, artwork, and soft furnishings.

It’s important that these two aspects are fully thought out at the beginning of a large-scale project in order to achieve a cohesive end result. We ensure that form and function are considered across all aspects of your property to achieve maximum usage of the space available and to create a seamless design aesthetic.

What does an interior architect do?

Luxury interior architecture

Whilst an architect looks to design the framework of a building, an interior architect looks to update an interior space by reconstructing or reshaping. These changes can be anything from minor changes, such as repositioning doors or walls, to full design renovations that take interior spaces to the bare-bones and redesign them for a different purpose.

An interior architect focuses on the functionality, and creativity of your space. We will discuss ideas, requirements, and the budget of a project with you to make sure that your space suits your needs and requirements.

Alongside this, an interior architecture will assess the impact on the local environment, working alongside numerous industry professionals such as construction specialists and surveyors, as well as working alongside local planning authorities to ensure all legal documents are supplied.

What does an interior designer do?

Luxury interior design living room

An interior designer’s role is multi-faceted but fundamentally commences with providing accurate interior design advice for the optimal use of an interior space. A designer will focus on the soft furnishings and close-up details of the space.

An interior designer provides expertise in spatial planning and can help you design your interior space to suit your budget, personal style, family and entertaining requirements. They will do everything from drawing up the initial floor plans to placing the last decorative accent. Interior designers don’t just enhance the look of your home, they also improve and enhance the functionality.

An interior designer will partner with architects, builders and other suppliers to develop floor plans, electrical, plumbing and lighting plans. They will also make project specifications for items such as flooring, millwork, lighting, countertops, sanitaryware and much more.

Work with Roselind Wilson Design

Bespoke marble bathroom vanity

Here at Roselind Wilson Design, we believe that your living space has a profound impact on the way you feel, and more importantly – the way you view and experience life. That’s why we pride ourselves in the versatility, creativity, and flexibility of our dynamic design team to deliver flawless results to suit you and your lifestyle.

Having designed and installed a broad scope of hotel suites, spas and lodges, restaurant interiors and residential properties, we are confident in aligning luxury interior design with fit-for-purpose materials to suit your space, which is why our clients choose us again and again.

Our goal is to interpret your vision to help you create a unique, elegant interior that will enhance every aspect of your life. Contact us to discuss your project.

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