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How to add a sense of luxury to your bedroom

What makes a bedroom feel luxurious rather than just comfortable, chic or on trend. Your bedroom requires as much thought in its interior design as the other rooms in your home, particularly if you’d like to add an element of luxury and refined sophistication. We look at key elements to consider to add a sense of luxury to your bedroom and make it feel like a sumptuous haven.

Pay attention to lighting

Getting the lighting right is paramount to making a bedroom feel luxurious. A room can feature a beautiful interior scheme but getting the lighting wrong can change or compromise the entire look and feel. To ensure the correct lighting, consider the design of the lighting fixtures as well as the effect that the light creates in all areas of the space. This applies to suspended lights, spotlights, wall lights as well as free-standing lights. Discover the difference between ambient, task and accent lighting in our post ‘How to use lighting in your home’ and create the perfect lighting balance in your home. (Below: The master bedroom from our Eaton Mews North project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

Minimise clutter

A cluttered bedroom will never feel luxurious. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful room ruined by unmanageable electrical cords, a messy nightstand, or general disorder. If you are pressed for space, consider under bed storage, covered with a valance (depending on the style of the room) or a bench / ottoman positioned at the end of the bed. Opt for elegant table lamps and stylish accessories for your bedside table. (Below: The master bedroom from our Richmond project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

Consider your window treatments

The right window treatment will elevate any bedroom space so when it comes to this area of the bedroom, take the time to carefully consider the options for curtains, blinds or shutters. The choice of fabric, pattern and texture all make a difference to the look and feel and making the right choice can really accentuate the overall impact of the space. (Below: The master bedroom from our Eaton Square project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

Contemplate colour

Choosing the right colour is important for all rooms in the house but getting it right in the bedroom is crucial to ensure that you create a luxurious but relaxing mood. There are many options of paint colour as well as wall paper and wall coverings to choose from and your favourite colour might not be the perfect option depending on the space itself, sources of natural light in the room, architectural elements or chosen interior style. Opting for a neutral colour palette is often the perfect choice to convey a subtle element of luxury.  Using textured wall covering or combined with a striking feature wall can really elevate the level of elegance in the bedroom. (Below: The guest bedroom from our Broad Walk project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

A beautiful bed

What is it about staying in a gorgeous luxury hotel that gives you the most incredibly relaxing night sleep. There is no one thing – it’s the crisp bed linen, exquisite fabrics and of course a beautiful bed. You should give careful consideration to choosing the right bed as well as inviting bedding that is both luxurious and that complements the interior scheme of the room. Most importantly, and something that is shared amongst any 5-star luxury hotel, is a perfectly manufactured bed. You should definitely not underestimate the importance of this. (Below: The master bedroom from our Bromptons project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

A striking headboard

From full width to winged, a handmade headboard adds an instant element of luxury to a bedroom. It’s not only the shape of the headboard that injects instant luxury but also the gorgeous fabrics, patterns and textures used for the upholstery. These are all small design details that merge to deliver significant impact and a giant does of luxury. (Below: The striped bedroom from our Holiday House London project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

Pillows and cushions

A considered bed should always feature a handful of precisely layered accent pillows. Pillows that you sleep on should be propped up against the head of the bed and then overlaid with decorative pillows, typically in height order. As a guide, your pillows both sleeping and decorative should take up no more than one-quarter of the total length of the bed. (Below: The guest bedroom from our Eaton Square project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

Work to your rooms strengths

Adding a sense of luxury can be incorporated or elevated within a room by means of décor or design details however you should never underestimate the original architectural elements and natural beauty of the room itself. Perhaps it’s the high ceilings, a magnificent fireplace or the flowing shape of a window. Whatever it is, you should take advantage of the space and accentuate what is already beautiful about the room. (Below: The master bedroom from our Richmond project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

Fragrance and flowers

Flowers instantly brighten a room and creates a tranquil and welcoming ambiance from the outset. From simple, single-flower bouquets to shorter stems, flowers inject elegance and add a personal touch to any interior design scheme. Playing on the powerful influence of our senses, the crisp fragrance of a beautiful scented candle instantly adds an element of luxury as soon as you enter a room.


Lastly, your artwork is often displayed where it can be enjoyed by family and friends, so it’s not unusual to want to display your prized pieces at the entrance or entertaining spaces within the home. Try to include at least one statement piece in your bedroom or an assortment of artwork in different sizes perhaps displayed on a ledge that can be incorporated into the wall behind the bed as a truly considered and striking feature of the room. (Below: The guest bedroom from our Broad Walk project)

luxury bedroom design by roselind wilson design

Photography by Richard Waite

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