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Bathroom storage ideas – clever ways to make the most of your space

A well organised home plays an integral role in achieving a sense of calm and tranquility where we need it most. Many of us know that wonderful feeling of being ‘ahead of the game’ when it comes to organising our homes, but we are all too well aware how often it’s easier said than done.

Storage space is absolutely crucial in modern homes. Put into perspective…

  • Every day, we spend 10 minutes searching for lost items, which amounts to each of us spending 3,680 hours in our lifetime searching for misplaced items! (esure home insurance)
  • Only 20% of the things we file will ever be used again. (LexisNexis study)
  • In the average home, eliminating clutter would cut housework by approximately 40%. (The American Cleaning Institute)
  • Clutter is seriously off-putting to potential buyers, with 80% taking a keen interest in storage space. (Vileda)

Bathroom storage ideas

Hotel luxury bathroom storage from our Eaton Mews North residential project (above).

Spending an average 416 days of our lives in the bathroom means that getting bathroom storage right is more important than we could have ever imagined! Whether it’s a family bathroom, ensuite or guest WC / powder room, organisation is key to an uncluttered bathroom. Functional bathroom storage solutions that work seamlessly into a design include:

  • Seats with built-in storage
  • Shelving behind mirrors
  • Recessed cupboards that sit flush with the walls

From hiding everything away to a balance of open and closed units, save time, space and energy by taking control of your bathroom storage with these clever ways to make the most of your space.

Family bathroom storage ideas

Family bathrooms are without doubt one of the busiest places in the home, so they need to be practical yet pleasing. Catering to all ages, balancing durable, easy-to-clean surfaces, shrewd storage and accessible zones for multiple users is vital for creating family-friendly bathrooms. From toiletries to bath toys, consider the following when planning effective family bathroom storage:

  • Your family’s daily routine;
    – Tall units with plenty of shelves will make good use of the full height of a room.
    – Mirrored cabinets are perfect for keeping items away from curious younger family members. Mirrored cabinets won’t take up much space and beautifully reflect and maximise daylight.
  • Easy access to essentials;
    – Combine wall-hung storage with a vanity unit that includes convenient drawer storage.
  • Avoid cluttering primary surfaces;
    – Reserve the top drawer for items that you use daily but don’t need to be on show.
  • Open storage / shelving;
    – Works well for items on display, such as neatly stacked towels or candles.
  • Focal point storage;
    – Consider colour, textured finishes, stone and wood-effect surfaces.

Bathroom storage ideas

The master bathroom in our Bromptons residential project (above) is the epitome of chic, with marble floors and a bespoke wall feature. The bespoke vanity unit is not only elegant with its marble top, sleek pistachio green gloss lacquer unit and brass handles, but also functional with plenty of storage provided by the drawer unit and space for towel rails at either end.

Ensuite bathroom ideas

Ensuite bathrooms are often small or awkwardly shaped spaces yet must fulfil many of the roles of the main bathroom. There’s no need to despair though, simply follow these pointers:

  • Carefully chosen smart storage;
    – Modular units are usually a good choice, as they can be easily added to over time. They also allow for full customisation of the layout of the bathroom.
  • Modular wall-hung furniture;
    – Visually lighter, creating a feeling of more space.
  • Bespoke vanity units;
    – A fantastic, versatile bathroom storage option that can be seamlessly united with open shelving.

Bespoke bathroom vanity unit ideas

Bathroom storage ideas

Striking bespoke vanity storage with dramatic light fixtures and lavish textures, including bespoke natural stone in our Antrim Grove residential project (above).

Bathroom storage ideas

The vanity mirror with steel frame sits in striking architectural proportion to the suspended, tubular light fixtures in brushed brass (above). See more of our Antrim Grove residential project here.

Open shelving bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom storage ideas

The open shelf positioned below the vanity basin in our Fitzrovia pied-a-terre (above) provides the perfect space for easy access to neatly stacked towels. See more of our Eastcastle Street residential project here.

Full Home Interior Redesign Fitzrovia

Luxury Interior Design & Architecture

We are inspired by a diversity of styles and have produced an array of luxurious interior architecture and interior design projects. Whatever the project, whatever the brief, we analyse the requirements, assess the scope of works, and deliver a successful and distinctive result on every occasion.

Small bathroom storage ideas

Clever storage solutions are the key to making smaller bathroom spaces work in your favour. From compact cloakrooms to bijou WC’s to modest powder rooms, make the most of the space by:

  • Freeing up the floor;
    – Clearing the floor space with open shelves and wall-hung units will make the space seem larger, both physically and visually.
  • Bespoke vanity unit;
    – Again, a superbly adaptable bathroom storage idea that can be effortlessly combined with open shelving.
  • Reduced-depth & sized-down sanitaryware;
    – Don’t forget that many manufacturers offer scaled-down bathroom storage furniture specifically designed for cloakrooms.

Bathroom storage ideas

Balancing contemporary elements and more classic touches adds to the welcoming and homely feel, without compromising on essential storage space (above). See more of our Carlton Hill residential project.

Make the most of your space with Roselind Wilson Design

Spending more time at home than ever before, revitalising bathroom storage is a top priority for many. From designer heated towel rails to bespoke wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, contact us today to make a splash with beautifully bespoke bathroom storage design.

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