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Top interior design trends for autumn/winter 2019

As summer leaves, we look at this autumn's best interior design trends

While our studio is a free-flowing creative design space, getting out to trade shows, exhibitions and soaking up the autumnal sights and sounds that surround us is a great way to remain inspired and mindful of innovative trends and new product launches. We’ve collected a few of this season’s top trends and share our tips on how you can incorporate them into your home.

Layers of texture add warmth and character

Everyone at some point has stared at a room thinking “something is missing”. One of the primary ways to remedy this is by using layers of texture. Whether it’s in front of you or you’re looking at it in the pages of a magazine or on a website, a room infused with layers of texture has an eye-catching and undeniable tactile aesthetic. Using an amalgamation of rough and smooth finishes and metallics can add warmth and character, while also providing contrast and depth to completely transform or update a space.

How to incorporate this trend into your home

luxury fitzrovia apartment roselind wilson design
Eastcastle Street, Fitzrovia

Take the opportunity to get creative, play around with different types of texture to create warmth, depth and character in your home. Using leather with woven fabrics is a key example of these complementary layers. Other elements that work well are chunky woven rugs, a cashmere throw or luxurious velvet sofa or cushions.

RWD expert tip: A rich textured rug can create a brilliant foundation upon which the other elements of a room can be built to create a balanced yet luxurious design scheme.

Warm metal accents

The metallic industrial look has long been a favourite in interior design, but the newest trend emerging showcases the softer side of warmer metals to add visual interest and depth to a room.

Elements such as brass, gold and copper accents can provide a subtle glow or provide the perfect contrast to highlight a specific feature in the room. Mixing up the colours and textures with grounded natural elements like wood or iron can offer a modern industrial touch and add a grounded element to your palette to ensure the total scheme looks flawless.

How to incorporate this trend into your home

Carlton-Hill-Luxury Interior Design Chair Accent by Roselind Wilson Design
Carlton Hill, North West London

Introducing aged brass light fittings is one of the more popular updates. Reupholstering an existing piece of furniture in a tactile velvet with antique brass details is another way to nod towards one of the year’s hottest trends.

RWD expert tip: As trends move on, as they inevitably do, you can simply change your accessories to create an entirely new look.

Monochromatic appeal

From the Greek word monochromos, meaning ‘having one colour’, monochrome is interior design’s timeless choice. Choosing a sleek, striking and elegant monochrome scheme with the use of layering, texture and mixed materials encapsulates harmony and balance in a room.

How to incorporate this trend into your home

Contemporary kitchen design and installation
Belsize Park, North West London

Textured wallpapers, metallic finishes and faux fur throws can be used to add plenty of texture to a room. Use monochromatic graphic patterns, such as stripes and chevrons, to draw the eye to a room’s unique feature.

RWD expert tip: Stripes are a fantastic way to add instant energy to a room as well as bringing a sense of drama to a space. Clean lines provide a structure which can be enhanced with contrasting patterns and colours.

Nature’s palette

Green: the colour synonymous with nature. Psychologists have found that it’s a soothing colour, often making people feel relaxed and refreshed. From olive to darker hues such as deep forest, there is a wide colour palette to saturate your design scheme.

How to incorporate this trend into your home

A large modern kitchen design
Eaton Mews North, Belgravia

Velvet upholstery, textured wallpaper and carefully curated accessories such as rugs and lampshades are the perfect way to subtly introduce nature’s palette into a room. When paired with foliage, real or artificial, you can create a space that will improve your mood, even in the depths of the colder months.

RWD expert tip: If you feel the need to ring the seasonal changes, but aren’t ready for a complete interior redesign, refresh the look of your interior scheme with new accessories for the perfect injection of colour, texture and character.

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