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4 lessons our homes have taught us during lockdown

The last 18 months have been a challenging journey for everyone. With three national lockdowns behind us (here in the UK), we thought it time to focus on the unexpected positives that have come out of this demanding period in history – specifically, what we’ve learnt from our homes.

1. Mindful interior space planning & clever storage is a must

Spending more time at home than ever before, careful interior spatial planning has helped us take control and harness space and light in the most effective and practical ways possible. Looking at last winter’s online searches, contemporary garden rooms were at the height of fashion for homeowners hungry for more space and that ‘home away from home’ feel without having to leave the house – with inspiring home offices and stimulating home gyms particularly popular for garden room ideas.

Conscious space planning coupled with clever storage solutions, such as bespoke home offices that blend with existing surroundings, really can change your whole outlook on life.

Clever storage | Smart spaces

traditional room with contemporary artwork

2. Biophilic interior design is here to stay

Seamlessly connecting people and nature within the built environment, spending more time inside increased our instinctive need to welcome natural outside influences into our homes through thoughtful biophilic interior design. Using natural materials, plants, and lighting were just three ways homeowners and businesses successfully energised and rejuvenated their interiors through lockdown. Biophilic colour palettes are renowned for their healing, tranquil, and inspirational qualities – from balancing greens to calming hues of blue and lively yellows to warming orange tones.

Working in harmony with autumn/winter interior design trends of 2020 such as conscious sustainable living, the inclusion of biophilic design in post-lockdown homes and offices is ever-present and set to stay.

modern living room with garden view and greenery

3. Natural ventilation and airflow are essential

Being able to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection by more than 70%*, a properly ventilated home is a safe home. Breathing in clean air not only reduces the chance of health issues, but it also aids digestion, improves skin, and normalises sleep patterns. Letting in essential airflow and light, wooden window and door frames have been the material of choice for as far back as we can remember. However, with more of us becoming environmentally aware during lockdown, slender aluminium frames tick all the boxes when it comes to creating minimalist ‘more glass, less frame’ aesthetics that are enduring yet low maintenance, sustainable, and kind to the planet. Sleek aluminium windows make large ‘walls of glass’ possible, welcoming far-reaching views, light, and fresh air inside whilst remaining thermally sound.

* Research from the Department of Health and Social Care.

family entertaining space with kitchen and dining seating

4. We all need a good work-life balance

With little choice but to work from home through lockdown, the lines often become blurred between getting motivated and properly switching off at the end of the day. Considering all the points mentioned above, each one is key to achieving a good work-life balance. Other effective ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance include:

  • Prioritising your time
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Clearing and organising your workspace
  • Having set work hours and sticking to them
  • Regularly exercising
  • Making time for personal time
  • Taking time out for hobbies
  • Staying calm by practicing mindfulness

Chic interior design tailored to properties in the UK and abroad

As you can see, investing in your home doesn’t always have to mean having to move. So, if you’re in need of harmonious interior architecture and design that takes every aspect of your life into consideration, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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